You can get sounds for a movie on the streets. Why would you want to do that and what can you do to get the best sounds? These are the questions that will be answered here for you so be sure you read along.

Why is it a good idea to get sounds from the street? One reason is that you don’t have to pay for sounds to use in your own movies if you record them yourself. You can record whatever you’d like and you can copyright the sounds so only your movie can have them in it. You can get so many neat sounds out on the street, so that’s another reason why this is a good way to get sounds. You have to worry about there being nothing going on because there is always something happening outside at all times of the day.

We connected with a party bus company out of Edina, Minnesota, to record sounds for an upcoming movie. It ended up being really fun since the “crowd” was really a partying crowd, and that’s exactly what we needed since the scene was a bachelor’s party and there was a scene where they’re on the road. So the partiers get a cameo in a movie, the bus company gets a little cash and a movie credit, and we got our sounds. Everyone wins!

To get great sound though, you are going to need a top of the line sound recorder that is compact and easy to work with. You can find a lot of these online for cheap, but make sure you don’t go so cheap that the sound quality isn’t there. One thing to look for is a seller that lets you make a return on a purchase if you’re not happy with it. That way, if the sounds you’re getting aren’t that good, you can always get your money back and get something that works better for the type of sounds you’re trying to collect.

There are a lot of sounds on the street that can be recorded and then used for movies. Now you know a little more about doing so. Getting the right sounds for the right moments is a matter of having a good ear and the right recording equipment on hand.