I have a friend who is a music major in college, and he’s really been interested in the people who work to make music possible. All of the people in charge of mastering, engineering, and mixing the sounds that make up what we hear every day, that’s what he wants to learn more about. He talks all the time about people like Bob Ludwig and Gavin Lurssen, who I had never heard of before. My friend pointed out to me that many people have a hand in the creation of many songs that I’ve heard, which really surprised me.

For someone to be able to produce music across different genres is truly astounding. I figured that someone in one genre would have trouble creating in another one, but the sound design experts have the talent to do it all. Bob Ludwig alone has more than 3,000 production credits because of this and won multiple Grammy Awards. I’m not sure how much of that particular talent is learned and how much comes natural from birth, but I know a great deal of work is needed to get to that level, and you definitely need to know about music theory and composition.

We were talking about sound creation, and he was saying how he ended up working with this cabinet and bathroom resurfacing company in Phoenix and they would refinish these bathtubs and then make percussion sounds in the tubs and record it! That’s so cool! That’s sound designing at it’s most fun – recording sounds out in your own environment.