There were a lot of great works produced that were worthy of winning at the Grammy Awards in 2017, but I was really glad to see the sound design awards go to the people who help produce David Bowie’s final album. That album was truly one of a kind and I don’t think anything else will be able to compare to it for a long time. It was the perfect send off by Bowie, and the production team really worked hard to pull it all together, making the album a seamless journey into serenity.

Bowie himself worked on the album, along with the likes of Joe LaPorta, Tony Visconti, Kevin Killen, and Tom Elmhirst. These people have received many award nominations and wins over the course of their career, so it’s no surprise that they would be able to knock it out of the park and win again for 2017. It wasn’t a walking in the park, as they were up against some stiff competition, but their work spoke for itself. For the rest of the year, these people will be busy producing more music for other artists, so I expect them to create more great hits that will top the charts. My friend owns an air duct cleaning company ( and he was one of those that cried when Bowie died. It meant a lot to him to see his “Hero” win that final Grammy. The album is amazing so I’m not surprised, but it just put the final punctuation on an amazing career. Thank you David Bowie, for everything.